Apply For A Job Teaching English in Indonesia

Apply For A Job Teaching English in Indonesia 2018-05-11T15:33:05+00:00

Indonesia has a lot to offer English teachers and I have teamed up with a school that I trust in order to help potential teachers find jobs teaching English in Indonesia. Click here to apply directly or apply to teach in other countries, here. Below is a brief outline of the benefits and requirements of teaching English in Indonesia.

Typical Benefits of Teaching English in Indonesia:

  • 11,000,000 – 14,000,000 IDR Per Month (After Taxes)
  • Approved Flight Ticket Reimbursement
  • Housing Provided (In Many Locations)
  • Sponsored Legal KITAS Work Visa
  • Health Insurance
  • Minimum 10 Days Paid Annual Leave, Plus 18 National Holidays
  • Airport Pick-Up Upon Arrival

Typical Requirements to Teach English in Indonesia:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Or Equivalent)
  • Clean Criminal Background Check
  • Commitment to a 12 Month Contract
  • Citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.
  • 120+ Hour TEFL Certification

Indonesia is a wonderful place to live and teach (I didn’t want to leave when I was visiting), but you can also apply to teach English in other countries as well, as each country has something wonderful to offer you. If you are looking for generic information about teaching English around the world, you can find it here.


Responsible for placing over 1,000 teachers each year, I have teamed up with English First. Click here to apply for a job teaching English in Indonesia with English First. You can also use this application form to apply for jobs in China or Russia if this is of interest to you.