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After cycling from the UK to Slovakia on old bicycles, we (myself, an American, a Dane, and a Slovakian), decided to build a raft and try to float to Romania on the Danube. It was an idea that I dreamed up over a year before and with nothing better to do, I decided to experience the freedom of life on a river.

The raft was built entirely from recycled materials and we successfully rafted 271 km from Gajary in Slovakia to Budapest in Hungary before being arrested (again).

Despite this, for a few weeks, we lived as pirates, cooking food on open fires and sleeping on the side of the river. We foraged for wild fruit (all four of us are vegetarians) and we left no trace of our presence as we travelled. Many people waved and took photos of us, and all in all, people were pretty great. We even made a bit of a stir in the media! Check the links and the movie below.

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