In 2012, my mother kindly dropped me at a petrol station, not too far from my family home, and I started hitchhiking. For half a year, I explored over twenty countries in Europe, travelling around 23,000 km (14,000 miles). It was an aimless journey in which I chose to say yes to everything and live life very simply from one day to the next (with very little money).

Throughout the journey, I slept outside (once under the Eiffel Tower) or in the homes of strangers. Overall, it was a wonderful experience that gave me belief in both myself and the goodness of strangers around the world.

Big thanks to all the people I met along the way, all the people I stayed with, and the 227 drivers who picked me up on the road.

I wrote a book titled The Boy Who Was Afraid of the World which tells the story of this journey.

Hitch Log

Blog entries from the road of strangers