Turn Off Your Computer

For the past few weeks, I have been spending far too much time on a computer. I have been making some website for people and attempting some extended writings amongst other things. Of course, living on an island in the Pacific (that sounds far more tropical than the reality), I go outside every day and I explore as much as I can. But essentially, many hours of my days have been spent in front of a computer screen.

After nearly twenty months away from Daegu, I am going back to visit old friends for the next six days.

I am going to turn off my computer (and leave in on Jeju where I cannot reach it).

I am going to go outside.

I am going to talk to real people.

I will climb that goddamn mountain.

Turn off your computer, put away your smart phone, talk to someone about something real that matters to you. Remember what it feels like to live in the real world.

Thanks to the incredible Jack Kerouac for the inspiration on the title image.

See you soon. Any posts / activity that you see in the next few days are scheduled.

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  1. Manish Suwal 'Enwil' 03/02/2014 at 04:12 - Reply


    I have been trying to get off my computer and enjoy the real world for the past month. But it doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds. I think it’s mostly because all our works require computer. And when we open the computer to work, we get easily distracted.

    Thank you for your reminder post. 🙂

    • Jamie 04/02/2014 at 08:40 - Reply

      Absolutely! I will investigate those programs that block out the internet for an hour at a time.

  2. Steven 29/01/2014 at 08:15 - Reply

    Get up the mountain, fella!

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