Free Camping: Where And How To Free Camp

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Free camping is the practice of sleeping in an undesignated sleeping location without an exchange of money. You might be sleeping in a sleeping bag, a tent, a hammock, a vehicle, or any other manner of setup. The aim with free camping is to find a safe place to camp without disturbing anyone and when you leave, there should be no sign that you ever came in the first place. Free camping has been a big part of my life over the past few years and I have free camped for extended periods when hitchhiking, long distance cycling, hiking, and just having one night adventures. Whilst the term free camping (or freedom camping) is also used to refer to the practice of sleeping in a vehicle, in this article I am going to focus on the practice of sleeping out in nature.


Here is a small selection of the places I have free camped. I don’t always take pictures of my beds when I am sleeping out, but on these occasions I was able to get a snap. Some of them are video screen grabs so might be of a lower quality. You can skip past this section if you want to get straight to the free camping advice, but I just wanted to share a few of the places I have slept.


A beach in Latvia


Under the Eiffel Tower


A field in Poland


A park in Tallinn, Estonia


Some grass in Rapallo, Italy


A service station in Italy


An orchard in Italy


By the motorway in Estonia


Inside a bush in Prague, Czech Republic


Abandoned building in Brussels


Under a bridge in Poland

A Beach In Italy - Free Camping

A Beach in Italy

A Field in Holland - Free Camping

A Field in Holland

A Petrol Station In Italy - Free Camping

A Petrol Station In Italy

Abandoned Villa in Naxos, Greece - Free Camping

Abandoned Villa in Greece

Atop Trolltunga in Norway - Free Camping

Atop Trolltunga in Norway

Behind An Abandoned Petrol Station, UK - Free Camping

Abandoned Petrol Station, UK

Beside the Danube River - Free Camping

Beside the Danube River

By a Lake Tasmania Australia - Free Camping

By a Lake In Tasmania

Fishing Hut, Slovakia - Free Camping

Fishing Hut In Slovakia

Football Stadium Benches, Czech Republic - Free Camping

Football Benches, Czech Republic

Forest Hut in Norway - Free Camping

Forest Hut in Norway

Forest in Germany - Free Camping

Forest in Germany

Forest Shelter, Germany - Free Camping

Forest Shelter, Germany

Grassy Field in Iceland - Free Camping

Grassy Field in Iceland

In a Barn, Germany - Free Camping

In a Barn In Germany

In a Field With Beer, Germany - Free Camping

In a Field With Beer

In a Field, UK - Free Camping

In a Field, UK

In a Park, Amsterdam - Free Camping

In a Park, Amsterdam

In a Train Station Romania - Free Camping

Train Station In Romania

In An Abandoned Movie Set Hotel on Jeju Island, South Korea - Free Camping

Abandoned Movie Set In Jeju

Inside a Bus Stop, Czech Republic - Free Camping

Bus Stop In Czech Republic

Middle of Nowhere in Iceland - Free Camping

Middle of Nowhere in Iceland

Next to a Lake With a Rope Swing in a Forest, Czech Republic - Free Camping

Forest Lake, Czech Republic

On A Pony Farm, Germany - Free Camping

Pony Farm In Germany

On the Beach in Wineglass Bay Freycinet Tasmania - Free Camping

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Patch of Moss in Iceland - Free Camping

Patch of Moss in Iceland

Pirate Ship Raft Danube - Free Camping

Pirate Ship Raft, Danube

River Valley in Iceland - Free Camping

River Valley in Iceland

Side of the Road in Norway - Free Camping

Side of the Road in Norway

Side of the Road, Somewhere - Free Camping

Side of the Road, Slovenia

Snowdonia National Park, Wales - Free Camping

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Under a Beautiful Sky in Iceland - Free Camping

Under a Red Sky in Iceland

Under a Bridge in Mokpo, South Korea - Free Camping

Under a Bridge in Mokpo, SK

Under a Bridge, Czech Republic - Free Camping

Under a Bridge, Czech Republic

Under Another Bridge, Czech Republic - Free Camping

Under Another Bridge, Czech

Unfinished House in Czech Republic - Free Camping

Unfinished House in Czech