An Adventure Store For Travellers Made By A Traveller

If you want something to be done in a certain way, you are probably best to do it yourself, otherwise you have to accept what is available to you (and stop complaining about it). During my years on the road I have always been in need of specific belongings and I have often not been able to get hold of them as easily as I would have liked, at the price I wanted to pay. To solve this problem (for myself and others) I have opened my very own Adventure Store which you can visit here. This is an adventure store for travellers, by a traveller… me. And every product I sell is something that I would be happy to purchase myself.

I built this store on the principles of accessible adventure for all, focusing on decent quality, reasonably priced products. The pillars of my adventure store include, but are not limited to:

  • Fair, Low, and Transparent Prices: I have concentrated on lower cost items as I believe adventure should be accessible to all. All prices include free delivery, except for Africa and South America where you have to add 10% of the total price for delivery.
  • International Delivery: Having lived and travelled in many corners of the world, I wanted a store that always delivered, irregardless of where I was at the time of ordering. I hate getting to the checkout at Amazon to find out my items can’t be delivered or I have to pay large delivery fees.
  • Real User Reviews: I like to know what real people think of items, thus I have included both positive and negative reviews of all products so you know the good and the bad.
  • Product Pictures: Every item in the store will be pictured from multiple angles so that you know what you are buying.
  • Curated List of Items: This is not a library of every product you could possibly buy – this is a short selection of items I would be happy to purchase myself, saving you time.
  • Refund & Return Policy: It should be part of every store (although it isn’t) so I have included a refund and return policy which you can read here.

That is a very brief overview of what I want to offer from my new adventure store, but you can read more about the principles of my store here.

This digital adventure is something new to me and I hope to see it develop in a positive way in coming weeks. Eventually I would like to test every item that I sell and offer a one stop online shop for many different types of adventures. If you have any thoughts on the shop or what you would like to see in it, please get in contact with me and let me know what you are looking for.

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