Electronics Review: Kindle

A non-technical review by a traveller.

A kindle is an e-reader which allows you to download and save up to 1,400 books to read when you please. Despite the love of paper, Kindles are becoming incredibly popular around the world. The basic model weighs 170g and has a battery of life of up to a month, making it incredibly portable and ideal for travellers. It also has simple to use navigation and download systems, meaning that it can be used easily by anybody.

What’s Good?

  • Lighter and smaller than a book
  • Easy and clear to read, even in sunlight
  • Easy to turn pages
  • Simple to use
  • Holds thousands of books at a time
  • A huge library of books can be downloaded
  • Many books available for free
  • You can email documents to yourself as backups
  • Wifi for downloading and primitive internet browsing

What’s Bad?

  • It’s not a real book
  • They can break easily if dropped
  • The adventure of finding books is gone


I hate to say it, but the Kindle is amazing. I refused them at first due to the love of having a book in my hands and I still love that feeling. However, the Kindle makes everything so easy that it is the ideal accompaniment to any journey for a long distance and literate traveller. Even when lying down, it becomes easy to turn the pages as you don’t have to do the awkward page-turn-shuffle; you simply click a button. I will still buy paper books whenever I can and I hope that many people do the same. However, if you want portability, functionality, and a huge library of books, I have to admit that the Kindle is king. I use mine almost everyday.

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