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As someone who has spent years travelling the world on a shoestring budget, I have never needed nor wanted many things, but the things I do have are vitally important to me. I acquired my belongings in various ways, but I never had a single shop that met all my needs. Most stores fell down by not offering the products I wanted, not making it easy enough for me to find the products I wanted, charging high delivery costs because of the country I wanted my items shipped to, or not having items within my price range. As such, I decided to open my very own adventure store and travel shop that offered everything I was looking for. Welcome to the Great Big Scary World Adventure Store! I will only ever list items for sale in this store that I would be happy to purchase and use myself.

For myself, a hitchhiking free-camper and long term nomad, I value the following things and have made it my mission to incorporate each of them into my store:

  • Fair & Transparent Prices: Every penny spent is less time on the road. In an attempt to make adventure accessible for all, price is a major issue and I will be focusing on decent quality items that are priced fairly. You won’t find any expensive brands in the GBSW Adventure Store because I don’t want prices inflated by labels. Similarly, delivery costs are very transparent so you know how much you will be paying – see below.
  • International Delivery: I get very frustrated when I can’t get products delivered because of the country I want them shipped to, or when I have to pay extortionate delivery charges. My store ships to (almost) every country in the world and shipping is free to Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Shipping to South America or Africa is 10% of the order cost. Read more about delivery costs, times, and import charges here.
  • User Reviews: I value the opinions of others and have imported reviews of all the products I stock – both the good and the bad – because I want you to know everything about an item before ordering to ensure that it is right for you. Anyone is welcome to leave a user review expressing their honest opinion on any product and it will remain in the store for everyone to see. I will also leave my honest opinions about every item in the store and its appropriate uses – in time, I intend to personally review every product that I stock.
  • Product Pictures: I like to see an item in detail, from multiple angles, so that I know everything about it that I need in order to make an informed purchasing decision. I will only stock products where you can clearly see the item from all necessary angles.
  • Curated Choice of Items: I don’t want to browse thousands of tents (for example), I want to see a short list of tents that have been carefully selected and then buy one of them. Similarly I want information to be concise, clean, and clear so I don’t have to filter through lots of rubbish to find what I am looking for. I will offer a limited number of items in each category and I will present the information about each item as clearly as possible.
  • Refund & Return Policy: Sometimes an item isn’t what you expect it to be and needs to be returned, so it is important that a store has a returns process in place. I have incorporated this into my store and you can find out more about returns and refunds here.

That’s kind of it. It’s an adventure store built by an adventure seeker who is used to living a nomadic life on a tiny budget. I hope you like it and that the equipment helps you to have many adventures around the world. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me as I strive to continuously improve the products and service that I offer.

Now go check out the Great Big Scary World Adventure Store!