The World Beneath Our Feet

Photographs of things that I found upon the floor.

As we move around the world, we don’t pay enough attention to everything around us. I stopped looking at the buildings and the skylines to look at the floor beneath my feet. There was so much to see. So many untold stories. You can fill in the blanks yourself.

How did these things get there?

Click an image below to enlarge it.


  • If you ever make it to the states, you should travel to New Orleans. Search for the blue dog on the side walks. Its a local thing 🙂 I only found one when I was there! My old roommate used to live there and told me to search for them.

    I tried to upload a picture for you but didn’t have any luck!

    • What a nice idea Becca. I had a quick online search and saw some examples. If I make it out to the States and travel around that way, I will definitely look out for them. Jamie

  • Amazing what you can find on the floor whilst travelling around Europe Jay. I am sure you spotted my boots!!!.

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