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If you are looking for generic travel insurance advice, please head to my travel insurance advice page.

This page tells you which travel insurance company I recommend and why.

Which company provides the best* travel insurance policy?

My answer, World Nomads.

*I interpret best to mean the most comprehensive policy for the money that you pay.

If you want to book travel insurance right now without asking why I recommended this company, then please use the following form to get an instant online quote. If however, you wish to see why I recommend World Nomads insurance (which you should), please scroll down to see the explanation. Please note that this is an affiliate link and by using this form, Great Big Scary World will receive a small percentage of the insurance sale without increasing the price of your quote.

Travel Insurance: simple & flexible

What you need to know about World Nomads travel insurance

  1. You can buy while away from home
  2. Available to people from 150 countries, travelling worldwide
  3. Extend & claim online
  4. Cover your adventure, including over 100 sports & activities
  5. Give a little back to a local community
  6. Stay informed & safe when you travel

Why Do I Recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance?

  • After proving to be reliable, they are one of the few travel companies that have gained my trust.
  • You can buy their travel insurance at any time, even after you have left for your trip.
  • The insurance can be purchased by anyone from any country and tailored to the destinations that you will be travelling to.
  • The price of their policies is very reasonable.
  • If you are away and decide to stay longer, it is very simple to extend your cover.
  • They cover a high value (£3 million on my latest quote) of medical expenses. However badly you injure yourself, you are very unlikely to ever exceed this cost.
  • They cover a high value (£2 million on my latest quote) of personal liability expenses. It is unlikely that you could do more damage than this.
  • They offer an option to purchase an upgrade that will cover high value personal items.
  • They offer add ons which cover adventure sports, work, study, and volunteer activities.
  • The policy excess is fair (£100 for medical expenses, £150 for personal liability, and £75 for lost items on my latest quote).
  • You can purchase policies for individuals, couples, or families to help reduce your costs.
  • It is a reputable company that is now recommended by Lonely Planet and Rough Guides (amongst others). They are unlikely to screw their customers over because the bad publicity would cause too much backlash and the possibility of withdrawal from their supporters.

Why Do I feel Strongly About Travel Insurance?

In 2011, I fell and broke my back in a skiing accident. I genuinely don’t know what I would have done without travel insurance. After finishing university, I had just spent two months in Africa and was working as a ski rep. I was having the time of my life while getting paid under £100 a week. In short I had almost no money. If I had had to pay the £5,000+ medical bills by myself, I would not have been able to visit the many places that I have been to in the past few years and my life would be terribly, awfully different. This is why I have a personal belief in purchasing reliable health insurance.

Below is a picture of me being collected from the ski slope by paramedics. I am trying to smile because I knew the picture was being taken. The picture after shows compression fractures of both my T12 and L1 vertebrae.

Broken Back Broken Back X-Ray

Opt In Image
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