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Today is my 29th birthday and for once, I am spending it in the countryside of rural England - where I grew up. On my last birthday I was swimming with manta rays on Australia's west cost


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Today is my 28th birthday and I am spending it in Australia. To celebrate, I will swim with manta rays. My last birthday was spent in South Korea, camping on a beach on Jeju. From


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To celebrate (or berate) turning 27, I spent the night of May 13th on a beach in jungmun (Jeju Island, South Korea) with some friends. We made a fire, cooked dinner on it, and swam


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On the 13th May, 1987, I was officially born at 03h02 in the morning. My father tells me that I was delivered by a grinning black doctor. Coming from Norfolk, a part of the world