Nine Day Holiday for Two: €42.54

When I left Istanbul to visit my family in the UK, I decided not to fly. Instead, two of us hitchhiked to Sofia in Bulgaria where we visited some friends. We then hitched through Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, sleeping outside as we did until we reached Italy where we spent the day in Venice. After Venice, we spent a couple of wonderful days in the Dolomites with a friend who I first met a year before as he picked me up while I was hitchhiking through Italy alone.

From there, we headed to the beaches of northern Italy, got horribly sunburnt, but generally had a wonderful time as we swam in the Meditteranean and slept under the stars. All of this journey was done with only one sleeping bag, one blanket, and an overloaded backpack full of my winter clothes. I made a video (below), but under the video, I detail exactly what we spent our money on during those few days on the road.

Item Cost
Shopping for dinner €5
Bottle of water €1.15
Ferry to Venice €5
Food in Venice €5
Cappuccino €0.70
Toilet €1
Granola bar €1.20
Fizzy water €1
Crackers €1
Crackers and ricotta €2.70
Gelato €1.50
Jar of pesto €0.89
Suncream €2
Pizza €4.50
Bottle of water €0.80
2 Peaches €0.70
Coffee €1.60
Crackers / camembert €4.50
Chocolate bars €1.10
Peanuts €1.20
Total €42.54

During our journey, we were very lucky to be gifted 48 rides from strangers, 6 kiwis, cups of vodka, Turkish lunch, 3 nights sleeping at the homes of friends, multiple bottles of water, 2 litres of apple juice, countless beers, multiple four cheese pizzas in Italy (wow), homemade pesto on pasta, multiple schnapps (cocktail), a day of being guided around the Dolomites, huge Italian breakfasts, 2 croissants, multiple coffees, bottles of wine, whiskey for breakfast, bread that we found, Algerian snacks, and great conversations. Thank-you everybody.

Many of our purchases were made at gas stations. With a little bit of forethought (or an empty rucksack to store belongings), we would have shopped in supermarkets to make everything cheaper still.

The cost of this journey was €2.36 per person, per day.


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