In 2013, I, along with my good American and Slovakian friends, bought three bicycles for £30 each, strapped some home-made panniers (cool boxes) onto the back and then waved goodbye to England. Without planning, we drew a straight line across a map of Europe that started at my family home and finished at the family home of my Slovakian friend.

For a whole month, we climbed mountains, cycled through forests, and even managed to get arrested (for sleeping outside). We skipped for food (found free food in supermarket bins), foraged for wild fruit and vegetables (we're all vegetarian), slept outside for free (in abandoned buildings, fields, parks, forests, and football pitches), cooked over an empty beer can, and learnt to fix our bicycles as they broke. I also broke a toe and cycled most of the journey without shoes.

1,600 km (1,000 miles) later, we reached Slovakia and sat down for a well earned rest.

After the cycle ride, we decided to build a raft and continue our journey as The Pirates of the Danube.

Bike Log

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