It’s Summer And That Means Hitchhiking

My sentence has been served in Istanbul. No longer shall I be kicked by children or employed to keep a door shut. I’ve been in Istanbul through the start of the protests, until when they turned violent, and then into the eye of the storm. With regard to the protests, I would like to see more of what happens, but the road is calling me and I wish to spend no more time here.

I am hitting the road to head west. After my experiences of hitchhiking last summer, I am doing it again (for a short time). I’ll visit many friends across Europe, sleep out on the beaches of Italy, and maybe even muddle my way to Spain. I don’t really have much of a plan. Except that I have two rules:

Hitchhiking Map Summer 2013

1. Spend as little money as possible.

2. Get to The Eden Project, UK, by 30th June to watch Sigur Rós‎. This excites me more than words can express.

I have no tent, but instead, all my belongings from Turkey including a suit and winter clothing. In short, I’m over laden with inappropriate packing.

What comes next, is a visit to my family before the most ambitious ‘project’ I have ever attempted. It involves a bicycle and a homemade boat. And a whole lot of belief. This adventure excites me even more than Sigur Rós‎. That is.. a.. lot. More on this later.

So happy summer, happy hitchhiking, happy days. Hope to see you on the road somewhere.



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