Istanbul to UK Microadventure: 9 Days, 2 People, 1 Sleeping Bag, 0 Tents, €45

After working as an English teacher in Istanbul for a few months, I decided to head to the UK to visit my family.

Taking advantage of the summer, I made the decision to hitchhike despite having only one sleeping bag and one blanket between two people.. and no tent. Instead, my bag was overladen with winter clothing, including my suit.

We hitchhiked around 4,000 km through eight countries, spending a total of €42.54 between the both of us, an average of €2.36 per person, per day.

We visited friends in different countries, swam in the Mediterranean Sea, and generally had a whole lot of fun.

Thank-you to Alastair Humphreys for the inspiration to have a summer microadventure.

Use this as an example for the lack of planning and funding needed to enjoy yourself and go have yourself a little adventure. What’s stopping you?


  • Reply September 15, 2014


    nice video and adventures!

  • Reply July 20, 2013

    Enwil (@manishsuwal)

    Hey man. You inspire me the same way Alastair Humphreys inspires you. These are stuffs I’ve been dreaming to do and you’re the one who is actually DOING. You’re simply great! I feel excited everytime you have new video. You should make more of these kinds of videos. You also inspire me to create video, but I lack skill and camera for that. Some day, maybe :)

    And I had one question going through my mind. I understand you spent 42 Pounds total. What did you guys actually eat? Did you get foods everywhere for free?


    • Reply July 25, 2013


      Thanks :) I do aim to make more video in the future, in fact I am recording material now. Check out ‘splitscreen: a love story,’ it is shot on a mobile phone and AMAZING. We got given food and we bought cheap food. Also, consider skipping, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Here is a list of what I spent money on, it details food

  • Reply July 1, 2013


    Very cool adventure! It makes me smile. Nice video, thanks for sharing and congratz!

  • Reply June 29, 2013

    Melanie Murrish

    You guys are ace film maker’s; honestly though, you need a new pair of shoes mate!

    • Reply July 4, 2013


      You should have smelt them ;)

  • Reply June 28, 2013


    A sleeping bag, a blanket, and a suit… all you need in life, clearly! Love the video – definitely one of the most interesting ways to make the trek!

    • Reply July 4, 2013


      I must confess, two sleeping bags would have been pleasant!

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