Initial Thoughts On Crossing Iceland

My brother and I have completed our crossing of Iceland on foot. While I have a lot to share on the topic and have learnt much during this journey, there are three overpowering emotions that I feel just one day after completing the journey. They are happiness, relief, and sadness.

For completing the journey safely despite the sub-zero temperatures, relentless wind, and occasional snow, I feel happiness and relief.

For seeing a glimpse of Iceland and it being nothing that I expected, I feel happy and sad. I never thought I would go to the moon.

For completing my first hiking trip, I feel happiness and relief.

For this journey being over, I feel all three.

As for the volcanic eruption, I have no feelings, I just hope that it holds off for a few days so that I can fly.

Iceland, you challenged us. It was an awful lot of fun.

More coming soon.

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