Hitchhiking Friends

As I hitchhiked through Europe I met hundreds, probably thousands of people. I was driven by over 2oo individuals and I slept in the houses of more than thirty strangers. Couple this with all the people that I simply met in passing and this list is quite long.

It would not be possible to show appreciation of all the great people that I met during this journey and I took very few photos of them. However, here is a small selection of some of the people that I met and a couple of tourist photos of myself in various places. There is also a picture of a barn in which I slept one night.

Thank-you again to all the great people I met on the road.

Full-screen this photo gallery to make it look nicer.

If you can’t see the above gallery, click here.


  • nice to randomly find this and to recognize some faces and even particular places (that Valmiera-Rīga road I have done dozens of times and about to do more on my way home, so very familiar road, hehe). Good lucks!

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