Goodbye Ginger Beard, Hello Adventure

Despite being 26 years old, I am still largely incapable of growing any facial hair. This distinct lack of facial hair in combination with both my face and lifestyle has ensured that I still get asked for ID when I buy alcohol in the UK and that when I meet people for the first time, they ask if I am a student. “I was, four years ago.”

Since leaving Istanbul to hitchhike to the UK, I have not shaved. That is around a month. During this month, I made a revelation: I have a ginger beard.

Today I, along with two free spirits, am hitting the road on the biggest bicycling / rafting adventure of my life. If our old bicycles make it to Slovakia, even more of us will be building a raft and floating down the Danube in search of Romania. We will be the Pirates of the Danube. And pirates need facial hair. Today, I have shaved and a few days ago, I cut my hair short. From now on, I’ll go for the natural look.

Goodbye ginger beard. Hello adventure.


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