Get Rich Quick

Enrich your world by walking outside. Barefoot.

Enrich your courage by daring to let go. Even for a moment.

Enrich your inner peace by sleeping under the stars. Watch them all night.

Enrich your belief in humanity by trusting a stranger. Let them become a friend.

Enrich your past by calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. You will find the right words.

Enrich someone else’s world by teaching them something new. Sharing feels good.

Enrich your friendships by offering to help. For once, expect nothing in return.

Enrich the sensibility of the world by breaking the rules. Use common sense.

Enrich your knowledge by learning something new. Anything counts.

Enrich your reality by turning off your smart phone. All day.

Enrich your inner child through play. Go climb a tree.

Enrich you, by daring to dream. Jump.

Forget about money for one moment –Β being rich is not judged by what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your life.

This post idea is inspired by Seth Godin.


  • Hi Jamie.Great blog-great everything.Very cool and informative.I am a 46 year old English speaking dude going through a divorce.For the first time in my life I have committed in making what you guys do/done a reality.I have surfed the net extensively the past week,seeking advice etc.Obviously teaching is my first option in treading into the unknown.What I found interesting is what you said about TEFL and the like not being a prerequisite to teach??Where would you suggest I start?(Thailand,South Korea-considering that I have to send some money home for child support)I have a South African 3 year University Diploma-Some countries see it as an associate degree( Was the norm back in 1993)Thanks and I am going to be an avid follower and who knows,maybe meet in person someday.

  • Nice one Jamie! Really nice idea to knock up your own micro-manifesto and share it with the (virtual) world. πŸ™‚ Just took a look at Seth’s post and inspiration for my own version bubbling…
    So yeah, thanks again and take care!

  • Hey I’ve been wondering how you update your blog while on the road, as I want to do so during my upcoming travels. Thanks! Great post by the way.

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