Electronics Review: Apple MacBook Air

A non-technical review by a traveller.

The MacBook Air from Apple is the ultimate in portability. Incorporating air into the name is a clear statement of it’s compact size and lightweight build. It’s the dream of flash-packers across the world. A typical apple laptop weighs over 2 kg, compared with the MacBook Air which weighs in at just over a kilo. It is far slimmer than the typical laptop due to the exclusion of a disk drive and the replacement of a hard drive with solid state memory.

What’s Good?

  • Super lightweight
  • Slimline
  • Looks great

What’s Bad?

  • Expensive
  • Smaller memory that hard drive laptops
  • Reduced power due to compact size


The MacBook Air is one of the most portable laptops in the world. In recent years, Apple have show themselves to be far ahead of PCs in terms of performance and life expectancy. Couple with this the great features on Apples and it is probably the best laptop to take away with you. One important question to ask yourself however. Do you really need a laptop? Or are you on the road to get away from that? Think about that last point carefully.

Where Can You Get It?

From the Online Apple Store. Apple have strong control over their products and unfortunately you will not find discounted Apple hardware anywhere.

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