Daegu, a Slice of Grey

Many cities in South Korea have a nickname featuring an adjective. Despite Daegu being coined as ‘Colourful Daegu,’ it is one of the greyest and dreariest cities that I have ever seen. For the past week, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the city. I disconnected from my computer, explored outside, and spent time with old friends and normal days became good days. We even climbed a mountain.

It is over one and a half years since I left Daegu and said that I would never ever go back to teach there. In fact, I never thought that I would go come back to Korea at all. But I did and here I am now. And I am very much enjoying myself. This time around, I am not teaching English.

As a regular country bumpkin who feels all the beauty sucked out of the world in cities (with a few exceptions), here is my portrayal of how I see Daegu: monotonous and grey. To me, I see the following photos as a harsh truth of how humans can blemish the Earth. Maybe, as a European, I am accustomed to cobbled streets and twisted ancient buildings, so my views are warped.

Interpret them as you will.

These photos were taken on the 22nd floor of my friends apartment, at sunset.

Daegu Skyline at Sunset
Daegu Big Grey Buildings
Daegu Rooftops
Daegu Skyline Black and White


  • Hey Jamie!
    A Friend of mine who has been hitchhiking around Europe this year put me onto your website and from reading your journey my plans for the summer have changed! I’m living in Korea now; one year in Gumi outside Daegu, and one year on Geoje Island down south. I have three weeks left teaching kindergarteners then home to Ireland.
    I’m getting a few friends together to cycle across Europe for a month or two this summer and I have to ask you some questions. When you cycled to Slovakia was there really enough food skips and orchards to keep the three of you fed? Did you stay off highways the whole way? And how did you get back to England? Did you donate the bikes and fly or hitchhike home?

    If your still in Korea I’ll be in Daegu this weekend and I’d Love to grab a drink or food


    • Hi Sean, I’m back on Jeju for the next couple of weeks unfortunately. On our cycle ride we normally had no problem finding food although we did buy stuff as well. I know people who have done similar things solely through skipping and table diving though, so it is possible. We stayed well away from highways, sometimes too far away such as one particular day cycling up a gravelly mountain road for too many kilometres. After we stopped cycling, we took the bikes on our raft, then hitchhiked around the east of Europe. I then decided to spend Christmas with my family, so flew back on a budget flight. I hope that you have a fantastic adventure.

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