Affiliate Links on Great Big Scary World

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are links that direct you to other companies products or services. When you go to their site and purchase something, they will pay me a small percentage of the sale without charging you any additional fees.

Why do I use them?

Although I do not require much money when I go on my own adventures, having a small amount helps me to purchase things that I need, such as new cameras and web hosting. It does not actually cost you any extra money and by using my links, I hope that I can make this site better for you in the future. If this happens then it is a win-win situation for all involved. I provide information for free and using my links costs you nothing.

Am I selling out on my principles?

This is a matter of opinion. However, look around my site and you will notice that it is not crawling with adverts. There’s no google adsense because these links would not be vetted by me and I see the program as very trashy, even if it is a good way to make money. The only affiliate links that I include on this site are companies that I trust and am happy using myself. If the company I use does not have an affiliate program, but a worse company does, I will still recommend my number one choice. Looking at the number of non-affiliate links on this site is testament to that. Making money is not the primary goal of this site, but if I can make a little while still genuinely providing useful information and helping people, I do not see it to be a problem. If you disagree, you don’t have to use my affiliate links. However, if you do, I would be grateful.