A $9 Bicycle Made Out of Cardboard

This may be one of the most amazing inventions throughout all of history. The Bicycle, the most energy efficient vehicle of all time, has just been taken a step further. It is now made out of cardboard.

“The Cardboard Bicycle is composed of 99% recycled material, 90% of which is recycled cardboard, with the remaining part made of recycled plastic bottles and recycled car tires. The bicycle contains no metal parts and the cardboard is protected by a waterproof resin that makes it weather-proof. Bicycles can hold up to 495lbs (225 kilos) in weight, as a result of a patented “folding” and strengthening of the cardboard. Each bicycle costs only $9 to manufacture.”

The bicycle was designed by Izhar Gafni, an Israeli engineer who was told that his idea was impossible, then decided that it was not. I am grateful for something amazing.

People can be amazing. Read more about the bicycle on the Cardboard Tech homepage and watch the video below.

Cardboard Bike Full Standing on the Cardboard Bike The Creator of the Cadboard Bike


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